Toyo is a contestant in the Breast Swing Festival held by Hatomune Mie. She came as a representative of the Yachime Village, and was going to face off against her opponent, who Chifusa took the place of instead.


Toyo's defining features? Being identical to Chichi in almost every way. For this reason, Toyo was chosen to represent her village in the Breast Swing Festival, the inhabitants of the village being sure that they would win. She is only seen wearing a white kimono with her ample cleavage exposed and an orange bow tied around her waist. During the Breast Swing Festival, she wears a white, breast band bikini with an orange hakama.


One of Toyo's more obvious traits is her competitiveness, along with her desire to show off.


  • Toyo is voiced by Yuko Kawade who previous voiced Osamu from Nichijou.