Oume is the daughter of an unknown farmer. She was going to be wed to her husband and her family was going to prosper, but all that changed when Kagefusa and several other Manyu soldiers went on a Tit Hunt. Because her breasts were stolen by the Chichi-Nagare, she is forced to live a life of poverty as a commoner.


Oume is only seen wearing a dull orange kimono with dark brown ends and yellow stripes going down vertically.


It is assumed that she was a happy cheerful woman at first, but after the Tit Hunt she became depressed and saddened by her loss, as her mother couldn't bear the embarrassment of her daughter's condition and left the household; then, her father became sick and went after his spouse. Oume's fiance also left her.

She came to hate the Manyuu for destroying, and briefly hated Chifusa by extension, until realising her benevolent nature.


  • Not only were Oume's breasts the first to be shown naked on the show, but they were also the first image anyone sees when episode 1 begins.
  • She wasn't the first victim whose breasts were taken by the hands of Kagefusa.
  • She is voiced by Yoko Hikasa, who is known for her role in K-On! Born in July of 1985, Yoko was 25 years old when voicing Oume.