Manyuu Hikenchou
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date August 16, 2011
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This is the sixth episode of the Manyuu Hikenchou anime.


After an encounter with some guards, Chifusa ends up absorbing several pairs of breasts, which make her own breasts enormous and massively heavy, limiting her mobility. She and Kaede travel to a temple where a nun named Juchini theorises that the reason for Chifusa absorbing breasts is because of her own selfish desire for her mother's comfort. Chifusa is put on a training course to cleanse and rebuild a pile of rocks that form a nipple-like fountain in order to purify her breasts. However, just before she completes the fountain, she is approached by Kagefusa, who steals the Manyu scroll only to find the Breast Flow technique cannot be learned, as it was passed down from her mother's bloodline. Noticing Kagefusa's sorrow for having small breasts, Chifusa gives her the opportunity to cut hers, but she cannot bring herself to do so because of her sister's unselfishness and because of the sheer beauty of her breasts. After the fountain is completed, Kagefusa returns the scroll and bids farewell after making Chifusa promise to return her breasts to her after she masters the Breast Flow technique.