Juchini is the Head Nun in the Kyuukyou Temple, and she helped Chifusa purify the negative energy in her breasts from using the Breast Slice.


Juchini is only seen wearing a black robe with a longer white one underneath, a shorter brown cloth over the black robe, and a white hood. When she was younger, she had a large pair of breasts and she was a redhead.


Juchini appears to be a strict person; she can be overzealous at times, but her methods of religious salvation and training seem to be another ploy to look at breasts.


  • Kyuukyou Temple is in between two mountains, Mt.Unyuu and Mt.Sanyuu, which are seen as breasts. Unyuu is the right breast, and Sanyuu is the left breast.
  • She is, or was, the wife, lover or concubine of Munenori Manyuu.
  • She is the mother of both Muneyuki and Kagefusa Manyuu.
  • Blu-ray Special 2 takes place at the Kyuukyou Temple bathhouse. There is no direct confirmation of any of the other Picture Dairies and Specials taking place here.