Hatomune Mie is the feudal lord of a Japanese province that Chifusa and Kaede travel through during most of the series. He is introduced when he judges the Breast Swing Festival in which Chifusa participates to help an innkeeper who lets them stay at his inn free of charge. After seeing her bare breasts be flashed accidentally during the contest, Mie becomes obsessed with Chifusa and begins to try to find her in order to touch her breasts. He eventually flees from his palace and becomes a simple citizen in a small town, later running into Chifusa and Kaede again. He helps Kaede rescue Chifusa from the palace of a rival lord and, as a reward, he is finally allowed to play with Chifusa's breasts, an honor he rejects out of respect for Chifusa. He then returns to his palace and resumes his lordship duties.


Hatomune wears a standard fedual lord outfit, with a blue over coat, purple kimono top, and khaki hakami.


Despite being a extreme breast lover, Hatomune is a very good person underneath. He spends most of his time trying to touch women's breasts; this mainly occurs when he is neglecting his feudal duties.

True to his main interest, his combat yell is "oppai", which dismays Chifusa.