Chifusa's mother, Chikumi, was the head of the Munamori clan. After losing to the Tokugawa, She went to join the Manyuu clan, because they were on the verge of being wiped out. Because of this, Munenori Manyuu made Chikumi his concubine.


Chikumi was only seen wearing traditional armor and a white kimono and black hakama.


She is very determined and dedicated to her clan, and will do anything to ensure that the Munamori clan survives. She had a great sense of responsiblity to the point that she killed herself to prevent the Manyuu Clan from gaining the Secrets of the Munamori techniques.


  • Her clan was one of few who survived the Tokugawa army.
  • The Secret Scroll originally belonged to her clan.
  • Chikumi is the reason why her daughter Chifusa is so shy and submissive to other buxom women who lust after her, due to the times Chifusa spent with her mother.