Manyuu Hikenchou
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date July 12, 2011
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Chifusa Defects (Chifusa Rihan Su, 千房 離反す) is the first episode of the Manyuu Hikenchou anime.


In a world in which having large breasts means everything, the successor of the powerful Manyuu family, Chifusa Manyuu, defects and steals the Manyuu Scroll of Secrets, which contains all the Manyuu secret techniques for breast enlargement, However, Chifusa is wounded during her escape. She is found by a woman who was recently attacked by Kagefusa, a Manyuu assassin and Chifusa's sister, resulting in her breasts becoming small and effectively making her poor. The woman becomes jealous of Chifusa and attempts to sever her breasts in a fit of rage, but Chifusa manages to calm her down. As Chifusa is about to leave, she is confronted by Kagefusa, who had also captured Chifusa's comrade, Kaede, and severed her breasts. As Chifusa stands against Kagefusa, she uses a special technique which steals her sister's breasts and adds them to her own. As Kagefusa is forced to retreat, Kaede decides to join Chifusa on her journey.

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