Chichi nagare

Chichi-Nagare (乳流れ lit."Breast Flow") is a technique that is passed down from the Munamori clan via the Manyuu Scroll. It allows its user to utilize the flow of energy in breasts, and can reduce or expand the user's or the recipient's bust size, among other techniques.

Breast Energy and TechniquesEdit

Breast Energy is the energy that the Chichi-Nagare users utilize in order to perform their techniques. In fact, it is this essence that allows users to transfer breasts during the Breast Slice. It breasts are taken for personal gain, or other malignant reasons, the user may be overcome with negative breast energy, hindering them.lot Breast Slice. Si los senos se toman para beneficio personal u otras razones malignas, el usuario puede ser vencido con la energía negativa de los senos, dificultándolos.

Breast Slice - One of the more known techniques of Chichi-Nagare, it allows its user the ability to take or give another or themselves breasts, mainly by contact. If done incorrectly, it produces a burning sensation, but with an experienced user the recipient feels a passionate sensation. It is possible for the user to take or give all or little of their breasts, but the user must have control in order to do so. Several Manyuu assassins are able to utilize a merely basic form of the Breast Slice, and as such, the recipients feel the above-mentioned burning sensation, mainly because of the user's inadequate knowledge.

Breast Illusion - A more obscure technique, it allows its user to intoxicate the opponent with ecstasy, so much so that their brain is overloaded. It is usually done with a hallucinogen, usually to heighten the technique's effect. The victim typically begins to hallucinate a world of nothing but breasts, and is then killed by the user.