Chichi is a noblewoman from the second episode. A little boy ran into her bosom and she tried to strike him down, but was stopped by Chifusa.


Chichi is a wealthy snob with long hair, red pouty lips and large breasts. She is only seen wearing a magenta kimono with yellow flowers with her ample cleavage exposed, a black bow wrapped around her waist, completed with slippers and a red wagasa (oil-paper umbrella).


Chichi portrays a stereotypical representation of the royal or high class people in the series. She is rude and brash towards the commoners, yet seeks their attention with what she has. Contrary to her rather revealing attire and pride in her breasts, unlike most women in the series, she has been shown to have some level of humility in her appearance as she was both visibly surprised and flustered when Okami revealed her breasts in public.

Plot Edit

Assassin! Breasts Illusion Edit

In a time and place where breasts are a status symbol, Chichi took pride in her magnificent bosom which helped give her high status. Chichi is first shown to be visibly displeased when she has an encounter with a young boy in the market, especially at him getting filth on her "precious breasts". When he insults by calling her "udder tits", out of anger, she is about to hit him with her wagasa, but Chifusa intercepts. The two gets into a squabble, albeit before things can escalate further a civilian woman intervenes and reveals her breasts to the public, insisting they stand down on account of their breasts. Chichi is visibly surprised and flustered at the display before she leaves insisting that won't forget about what had transpired.


  • Chichi is voiced by Mayu Isshiki, who is known for voicing Azukina from Fresh Pretty Cure! Born in December of 1980, Mayu was around 30 years old when voicing Chichi.
  • Her name itself, Chichi, means 'milk' or 'udder' in Japanese, and is slang for 'breasts' in some European, North American and South American countries.
  • Chichi's characteristics and features are almost identical to Toyo from the next episode.
  • Chichi is shown in the intro to the anime, donating yen to a less-endowed woman.