Chapter 9

Chapter Nine: Chifusa Imprisoned (Japanese: 九話: 千房囚わる) Edit

While Chifusa and Kaede are visiting a small town, they run into Mie Hatomune, who gets knocked out by Chifusa as he attempts to grope her.

Chifusa and Kaede then go to eat at a restaurant with Hatomune, who presumably woke up pretty quickly. The latter tells the girls that he ran away from his own castle. He adds that he holds information about the breasts disappearance incident. He tells Chifusa that if they come back to his castle, he will tell them about this in detail... on the condition that Chifusa lets him play with her breasts.

Upon hearing that demand, Chifusa knocks out Hatomune (again) and storms out of the restaurant. Kaede follows suit, and they run into a warrior, who ends up knocking out Kaede, then doing the same to Chifusa before kidnapping her.

When Chifusa regains consciousness, she finds herself in some wooden building, tied to a pole. Her kidnapper, along with his boss, interrogate her none-too-gemtly about the Manyuu Scroll that they found on her person. Chifusa, of course, refuses to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Kaede comes to, only to find out that she's been picked up by Hatomune. They team up to go rescue Chifusa, easily finding out where she is being kept.

Sneaking inside the house where Chifusa is, they reach her, only to be spotted by her captors. Hatomune then attempts to use his authority as Daimyo to get them to release their prisoner, to no avail. And so, Hatomune defeats the thugs handily, including their boss, all along chanting his battle cry: oppai (breasts). In the meantime, Kaede frees Chifusa.

While Hatomune is fighting, Chifusa faces her kidnapper in combat once more, ultimately defeating him through her superior speed. After all is said and done, Chifusa shyly decides to let Hatomune play with her breasts. However, the latter rejects the offer, saying that he could never do this while she's making such a face.

Finally, Chifusa and Kaede obtain info on the breasts disappearance incident from Hatomune and continue on their journey. The Daimyo, for his part, goes back to his castle, where he is watched by guards more closely than before as he daydreams of breasts.