Chapter 7

Chapter Seven: Pleasure!! The Dreamroad of Breasts (Japanese: 七話: 悦楽!! 乳夢道) Edit

After travelling together for a while, Chifusa and Kaede come across a village where they can rest. Once there, they stop at an inn where they are welcomed by a seemingly kind landlady, Okami.

Weary from their travels, Chifusa and Kaede then take a bath together, the latter wasting no time in groping the former. After a few moments of groping, Okami ambushes them both with her breast illusion technique, which puts Chifusa in a trance until Okami slips and falls in an attempt to give the finishing blow, knocking herself out.

Later, Okami wakes up on a futon, head bandaged. Rising, she finds a bra nearby that is made to hold her pendulous breasts, as well as a message from Chifusa on how to wear it. As for Chifusa and Kaede, they have continued their travels.