Chapter 6

Chapter Six: Decision (Japanese: 六話: 決着) Edit

This chapter picks up right where the previous chapter left us. As Kaede restrains Chifusa, Kagefusa gets her hands on the Manyuu Scroll, intent on using Chichi-Nagare for her own benefit. However, after unrolling the scroll, she stops, appalled, when she reads that only one with a specific heritage (in this case, only Chifusa) can use the technique.

At first refusing to believe this, Kagefusa orders a still-restrained Chifusa to teach her how to use Chichi-Nagare, claiming that what is written on the scroll is a lie. Chifusa replies that it is no lie, and that Kagefusa should accept it as reality. Kagefusa, enraged, runs at Chifusa with the intent to cut her, but her strike is blocked by Kaede. Kagefusa, shoving Kaede aside, attacks Chifusa again, but the latter dodges and, after grabbing her sword from the floor, strikes Kagefusa.

The impact of the strike makes Kagefusa's breasts pads fall to the ground. Covering her chest in shame, Kagefusa then claims that her sister could never understand how it feels to have no breasts. Touched by the sight of her distraught sister, Chifusa then stands there immobile, allowing her breasts to be downsized by Kagefusa if she so chooses.

Kagefusa raises her sword up high, seemingly intending to do so, but finds herself unable, and, after hugging her little sister, giving her the Manyuu Scroll back and bidding her farewell, goes away. Kaede, now free to do as she pleases, enthusiastically starts to accompany Chifusa in her travels.