Chapter 3

Chapter Three: The Mystery of the Hidden Breasts (Japanese: 三話: 怪奇 乳隠し) Edit

After a four days trek without eating, Chifusa comes across a village, Nyuuji village, in which is to be held the Breast Swing Festival, judged by Hatomune Mie, who is the feudal lord of the province that Chifusa and Kaede travel through during most of the series.

Chifusa participates in the festival as a contestant against Toyo from Yachime village, to repay the free food and lodging that she received from an innkeeper. His assistant, Kayo, was going to participate in the festival's breast swinging competition before she lost her breasts to what is called the "hiding breasts" phenomenon. At the end of the festival, the phenomenon is explained as a breasts thief employed by Toyo's father, Sugoroku, who wanted to ensure his daughter's victory by diminishing the size of her competitors' breasts.