Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve: Boobie Kid (second part) (Japanese: 十二話: おっぱい小僧(後編)) Edit

Chifusa and Ouka are running in the streets on the heels of the masked thief who just attempted to steal Chifusa's bust. However, they soon lose sight of the thief and decide to split in order to find him again.

After walking a few moments alone, Chifusa is accosted by the thief, who removes "his" mask, revealing "himself" to be none other than Momoha Munamori, the masseuse. She prostrates herself before Chifusa, declaring her loyalty to her. Embarrassed, Chifusa tells her to look up, which Momoha refuses to do. They then talk about Chichi-Nagare, and of a technique that Momoha could teach Chifusa.

However, before they can talk any further, they are surprised by Ouka, who reveals herself to be a Manyuu assassin. Chifusa thus decides to defend Momoha, and a sword fight ensues, in which Ouka has the upper hand. Seeing her ally in trouble, Momoha decides to help by making wall planks fall on top of Ouka, who is momentarily stopped but still manages to fatally wound Momoha.

Chifusa and Momoha manage to escape Ouka by boat and go back to the masseuse's lodging, in which Kaede and old lady Tome are sleeping. They are waken up by Chifusa who, distraught, is transporting a dying Momoha on her back. They try to heal her, but in vain; right after having passed her Chichi-Nagare technique to Chifusa, she dies.

The following morning, Chifusa and Kaede leave Tome to avoid causing her any trouble/entanglement with the Manyuu clan, and continue their travels. At Edo castle, two of Chifusa's relatives have received news of these recent events from Ouka. Chifusa's oldest sister, Kyouka, remarks her and Kaede's impertinence, while her older brother notices that Kyouka seems amused. He adds that these two have escaped them. Kyouka replies that this indeed seems to be the case, and that things are getting interesting.