Chapter 11

Chapter Eleven: Boobie Kid (first part) (Japanese: 十一話: おっぱい小僧(前編)) Edit

This chapter starts with a lady crying and clutching her flat chest. She is distraught because her breasts have just been stolen by a masked kid who is fleeing from her manor.

Meanwhile, in the castle of Edo, Kyouka and Muneyuki are talking about the bountiful breasts water incident, which they learned about from a letter sent by Ouka. They also mention the possibility that the Manyuu Scroll's secrets will be revealed to a significant number of people, but do not make too much of that possibility, seeing as Ouka is monitoring Chifusa.

Elsewhere, within the confines of some building in a village, Chifusa is suffering from back pain because of her increasingly large breasts. She gets a massage from Momoha, which helps her cope with her situation. After the massage is over, an old lady, Tome, comes in and informs Chifusa that there's been a breasts thief committing crimes in the vicinity. Going outyside, Chifusa, Kaede in tow, notices that there's a commotion about that thief, mainly because the thief in question has left a notice of his next crime.

This pushes Chifusa and Kaede to try and stop that thief. For such a purpose, they meet a lady in her estate, who is hiring bodyguards to guard herself against the breasts thief. They are promptly escorted out by the lady, however, when she notices that Kaede has a flat chest and so cannot be adequate for the job (in her mind anyway). As Chifusa is about to go back inside without Kaede, they are approached by Ouka Sayama, who, to dispute the notion that one cannot be a good bodyguard without having big breasts, attacks Chifusa in one swift motion, ripping her vestment open in the blink of an eye and leaving her breasts hanging out.

The hiring lady is impressed both by this display and by Chifusa's breasts, and so she and Ouka end up teaming up to stop the breasts thief. That night, Chifusa, in the lady's estate, lays in bed disguised as the lady, expecting the boobs thief to come to her to try to steal her chest.

The thief does show up and is stopped in his theft attempt by Chifusa, but before she can catch him or unveil his identity, he flees, at which point Chifusa and Ouka run after him.