Manyuu Hikenchou
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date September 6, 2011
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This is the ninth episode of the Manyuu Hikenchou anime.


While traveling through the forest, Kaede and Chifusa save a painter called Sakuji Itamune from a trio of Manyu guards who wanted to kill him because of the content of his art. When Sakuji sees Kaede, he immediately asks her to model for his next painting. When Chifusa tells Kaede she shouldn't because it would slow down their progress, Kaede mistakes Chifusa's motivation and believes she doesn't want her to model because she is jealous, prompting her to abandon Chifusa. When they are about to start painting, Sakuji reveals he is a nude painter who only paints flat-chested models (which is why the three Manyu guards had attacked him) which shocks Kaede and makes her escape; though as soon as she leaves she is attacked by the three Manyu guards whom they had run into earlier. Sakuji finds them and tries to defend Kaede but is unable to beat the guards. The two are saved, however, when Chifusa arrives and easily defeats the attacking Manyu. Afterwards, with Chifusa's help, Sakuji makes a painting of Kaede which he considers his masterpiece. Sakuji offers Kaede to stay with him and be his permanent model, but Kaede chooses to stay with Chifusa and the two depart to continue their journey.