Manyuu Hikenchou
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date August 13, 2011
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This is the seventh episode of the Manyuu Hikenchou anime.


Chifusa and Kaede stop at a village so Chifusa can get a massage to ease the pain caused by her heavy tits. The masseuse, a girl named Momoha, tells them of "The Boobie Kid" a local thief that steal's rich women's tits and allegedly gives them to the poor. Suspecting that this Boobie Kid might be a Manyu who knows how to master the Breast Flow technique, Chifusa takes a job as a bodyguard for a local big-breasted woman who will likely be the next target in order to catch the Boobie Kid. At the same time, the big-breasted landlady also employs another girl called Ouka as a bodyguard and immediately, Chifusa becomes suspicious of Ouka because of her unusually good swordsmanship. That night, the Boobie Kid strikes but is chased away and caught by Chifusa. The Boobie Kid is later revealed to be Momoha, the masseuse, a member of the Munamori family who knows a technique similar to the Breast Flow technique which Chifusa cannot use. At that point, Ouka arrives and reveals herself to be a Manyuu assassin; she proceeds to attack Chifusa and nearly kills her, but fails due to Momoha's interruption. While fleeing, Momoha is fatally wounded and, as she lays dying, gives Chifusa her tits so that she can use their essence to master both the Manyuu and Munamori techniques before bidding her farewell and wishing her good luck on her mission.