Manyuu Hikenchou
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date July 19, 2011
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This is the second episode of the Manyuu Hikenchou anime.


Running low on money, Chifusa and Kaede decide to earn some by utilizing Chifusa's assets. They go to an inn run by a well-endowed landlady. However, this landlady turns out to be a Manyuu assassin who drugs both Chifusa and Kaede and then hypnotizes them with her breasts. Before she can finish them off, the hypnotized Kaede pounces at the landlady's breasts, releasing Chifusa from the mind control effect and giving her the chance to absorb the landlady's breasts. As they move on, Chifusa comes to realize about her ability to alter a woman's breasts using the Breast Flow technique, and vows to learn more about it so she can return Kaede's breasts to normal.